No one is listening to the things you can’t do.

When you’re on stage, or in a jam session, no one is listening to all the things you wish you could do better.

We spend a lot of time in our own heads, and by now we’ve made a long list of all the things we’ve tried and failed.

But our music sounds like the things we can do.

Our burden is carrying around the knowledge that we could be better, but if that’s not what our music sounds like then maybe we don’t need to let it weigh us down anymore.



You can’t catch up.

Not because you’re too far behind, but because there’s no such thing as “catching up.”

That’s not the game we’re playing.

We’re not trying to be as good as anyone else, and we’re not trying to be as good as we could have been if we had only started earlier.

All we can do is show up and do the work. If you do that, you will get better.

Getting better is nice, but the satisfaction is in the work.

When you can do the work without feeling shame about other times when you didn’t do the work then we’ll be unstoppable.