Tab list:

Ron Block
Another Day Another Dollar – Ron Block

JD Crowe:
Blue Ridge Cabin Home – J.D. Crowe
We Can’t Be Darlings Anymore – J.D. Crowe
Molly and Tenbrooks – J.D. Crowe
On My Way Back to the Old Home – J.D. Crowe
Gonna Settle Down – J.D. Crowe
Toy Heart – J.D. Crowe
Pain In My Heart – J.D. Crowe
Chalk Up Another One – J.D. Crowe
Runaround – J.D. Crowe
Nashville Skyline Rag – J.D. Crowe
I’ll Stay Around – J.D. Crowe
I Feel The Blues Movin’ In – J.D. Crowe
Somehow Tonight – J.D. Crowe
Your Love is Like a Flower – J.D. Crowe
I’ll Talk It All Over With Him – J.D. Crowe
Take Me In Your Lifeboat – J.D. Crowe
Just When I Needed You – J.D. Crowe
I’ll Never Shed Another Tear – J.D. Crowe
Tennessee Blues – J.D. Crowe
Cryin’ Holy – J.D. Crowe
Big Spike Hammer – J.D. Crowe
Old Home Town – J.D. Crowe

Charlie Cushman
Bluegrass Breakdown – Charlie Cushman

Mark Delaney
Down The Road – Mark Delaney

Jason Davis
Jesse James – Jason Davis

Bela Fleck
Seven By Seven – Bela Fleck

Justin Jenkins
Worried Man Blues – Justin Jenkins

Paul Silvius
Loneliness and Desperation – Paul Silvius

Don Reno
Cotton-Eyed Joe – Don Reno Style
Choking The Strings – Don Reno
Tennessee Cutup Breakdown – Don Reno
Hen Scratchin’ Stomp – Don Reno
Cumberland Gap – Don Reno

Bobby Thompson
Banjolina – Bobby Thompson

Earl Scruggs
Little Girl of Mine in Tennessee – Earl Scruggs
McKinley’s Gone (White House Blues) – Earl Scruggs
Long Journey Home – Earl Scruggs
Gonna Settle Down – Earl Scruggs
Pig In A Pen – Earl Scruggs
Nine Pound Hammer – Earl Scruggs
Come Back Darling – Earl Scruggs
Salty Dog Blues – Earl Scruggs
Coal Loadin’ Johnny – Earl Scruggs
Fireball Mail – Earl Scruggs
Little Darlin’ Pal of Mine – Earl Scruggs
Pike County Breakdown – Earl Scruggs

Sammy Shelor
Daddy’s Dream – Sammy Shelor

Ralph Stanley
Mastertone March – Ralph Stanley

Kristen Scott Benson
My Wild Irish Rose – Kristen Scott Benson

Misc./Fiddle Tunes
Done Gone
Lost Indian
Beaumont Rag
Forked Deer
Silver Bell
Farewell to Long Hollow
Cattle in the Cane
Ride The Wild Turkey
June Apple
Flop Eared Mule
Say Old Man, Can You Play The Fiddle?

Giant Steps – John Coltrane
Giant Steps – John Coltrane Part 2
5 Woody Shaw ii-V-I Licks
Yardbird Suite – Roy Hargrove (Transcription)
Look For The Silver Lining – Chet Baker
Darn That Dream – Jazz Banjo Chord Melody
Strollin’ – Blue Mitchell
Stompin’ at the Savoy – Harold Land
Celia- Bud Powell
My Shining Hour – John Coltrane