Discomfort is an important part of the learning process. Feelings of frustration and confusion accompany any meaningful period of growth.

When you learn something new, are you trying to learn it through a lens you already understand? Or are you trying to see something in a new way?

We all want to know more, but we also avoid reminding ourselves that there are things we don’t know.

As it turns out the discomfort of not knowing can be a powerful trail-marker on the path to discovery and learning.


2 thoughts on “5/17/19

  1. Hello Eli and thanks for your thoughts on this. I initially learned to play decades ago and have mostly learned “ licks”, like puzzle pieces to fit into a place. I consider this a real hinderance to true progress. I believe it kind of locks our thoughts about playing into a pattern that isn’t beneficial. That’s why sometimes when I pick up a different instrument those ideas fade away and you don’t have the same expectations. Maybe I’m wrong but am open to opinions. Hope this makes a least a little sense.


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