Do you ever just listen to music? I mean listen to music, and do nothing else. I don’t do it often. Some people never do it. These days there isn’t much in our culture that is going to encourage you to sit down, put on some music, and just listen.

If you do this two things will happen:

1.You will notice a lot more about the music you listen to.

2. You will learn how easy it is to get distracted and stop paying attention.

So give this a try. Put on some music and just listen to it. Notice everything you can about it.

Also notice where your mind goes. Do you stay focused on the music, or do you think about everything else you have to do today? Does it feel like a waste of your time?

You aren’t going to do this every time you listen to music. But if you do it once in a while you might find you do more listening when there’s music on.

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