There is incredible therapeutic value in doing the work today. It will certainly benefit you in the future to do the work today, but the act of doing the work is valuable in itself.

In difficult times we might feel like we’re not destined to master our chosen path. That maybe we’re just not meant to be the kind of person that can really play. If if that’s the case, then why are we trying so hard? All this work for what?

But that’s not what’s happening right now. That’s a story we tell ourselves about an imaginary future. And it’s a pretty compelling story, because it’s one we tell ourselves all the time.

What if instead of wondering what kind of musicians we’ll be in the future we decide what kind of musicians we’re going to be today? Instead of asking ourselves to be good musicians, let’s ask ourselves to be musicians that try. Musicians that show up to the practice room and get to work. We can fulfill that desire today, right now.

I can tell you from experience that arriving at “better” is not going to make you feel better. Being the best wont save you either. If it did then we would have had Jimi Hendrix and Charlie Parker around a little longer.

What can you do to show up right now? Can you think of one thing you want to practice? That’s showing up. Can you pick up your instrument and play something that challenges you very slowly? That’s showing up too. That’s all you have to do and all you can do. Do that today. Do it for one minute if you have to.

Anyone, including yourself, that expects more than that is playing a different game, one with mostly losers.



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