You’re not going to want to practice every day. Sometimes you’ve got other things to do. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it.

But what if it’s something you’ve done every day for weeks or months, and now you’re burnt out? What if your day off feels great, and you’d rather just not play? Wasn’t it more fun in the beginning? Why do we take all the joy out of things when we decide to take them seriously?

The best advice I’ve ever been given is to be gentle with yourself. Part of the process of learning to do something is learning how to do it without developing stress and anxiety. If you practice every day you’ll probably start expecting results. The dissonance between the results and our expectations is anxiety. If you’re unhappy with your playing and practicing right now then the anxiety has gotten the best of you for the moment.

But that’s okay, that’s going to happen. And it’s going to happen many more times. It’s an absolutely necessary part of the process of showing up consistently to do the work. The new skills which you will develop will be those of a person who comes up against difficult emotions and feelings and is able to re-stabilize without abandoning the ship.

This pain is temporary, don’t give it a permanent solution by giving up.

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