The best time for you to start taking music seriously might have been a long time ago. And for you, a long time ago might be a year. Or it might be twenty years. Imagine the progress you could have made if you started then. You’d probably have it all figured out by now. You wouldn’t be so concerned with how you sounded, because you’d sound great. You wouldn’t wonder what you should practice, or how long you should practice. You’d probably love music even more.

Or maybe that’s just one of the more elaborate stories we tell ourselves. If we started twenty years ago, would we really have it all figured out? Or would we have new, twentieth year, problems? I can assure you of this. Better musicians are not necessarily happier people. You can become a very skilled musician without developing any of the skills which would allow you to enjoy your life in music. People do it all the time.

So yes, the best time to start is yesterday, or last year, or twenty years ago. But the second best time to start is right now. So start right now. 

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