Do you have enough time to practice? I’ll answer for you.

Yes, you do.

You might not have a lot of time to practice, or as much time as you’d like to have. I certainly feel that way sometimes. But if I’m honest with myself, if I had more time to practice would I use the extra time any better than I’m using the time I have now?

You should do whatever you want with your time. But if practicing is a priority then it’s possible you’ll have to sacrifice something lower on the list. Some of these sacrifices might good for you in other ways as well.

Here are a few things that a lot of people do that I think you could easily do without, thus freeing up time for other priorities. (Maybe practicing, maybe something else.) These won’t all apply to everyone, but I’d bet at least one applies to you. (I do many of these things)

-Binge watching TV shows. A few episodes is nice, but are you sure you’re really watching the show? Is it a priority to watch 5+ episodes of a show?

-Aimlessly browsing the internet (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). We’ve all been caught in the cycle of endlessly clicking on the next link, or picture, or tweet. People do this for hours. You can do without it.

-Sleeping. Many musicians stay up late and sleep in the next morning. There’s nothing wrong with this but it’s worth looking at whether or not it’s doing us any favors. Are we staying up late to practice? Or do we just not have anything to do in the morning so why bother getting to bed early? I can’t really give recommendations on the amount of sleep anyone should get but it may be worth getting up an hour early or staying up an hour later if it means more practice time.

-Social activities. Yes, you should spend time with your friends. Do not become a reclusive hermit with no social life. But consider whether practicing is ever something you choose over hanging out with friends or going out on the weekends. Just because your friends aren’t prioritizing something like practicing doesn’t mean you can’t.

I would never tell someone that they need to practice more. We all need to do what we’re passionate about and what gives us the energy to come back again tomorrow. But when I hear from students “I don’t have any time to practice.” I just don’t believe it. Maybe you have 5 minutes. Or maybe you have a lot more time but you just aren’t using it appropriately.

If practicing is important to you then you should make the time. No one else is going to carve out time for you to practice.


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