A lot of my students show up to lessons or rehearsals saying “I didn’t practice as much as I should have but I’m going to get back into it.” That seems reasonable enough. But they say it every week. For years.

They don’t know it, but the only person that’s disappointed in them is themselves. I don’t really care how much they practice or what kind of musician they want to be. I’m just there to help.

So let’s just be honest with ourselves. What kind of musician do we want to be? One that practices a lot? One that sounds really good?

What about one that doesn’t apologize for the type of musician we are? Or a musician that savors whatever time they have to enjoy music?

I know it’s not easy to let go of all the shame and guilt and expectations, but they’re ruining our experience of music.

Music is something you have to choose to do, no ones going to ask you to choose that life. So don’t apologize if you don’t choose it every day.

On the other hand, if you want to make a bet that doing the daily work as a musician will yield interesting results, then choose music every day.

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