What are you doing right now? Is it blog-reading time? Or was there something else you were doing, and now you’re doing this so you don’t have to do that other thing that apparently wasn’t very interesting. Or maybe it was something difficult. Maybe it’s something difficult to focus on.

If you’re like me, everything is a little bit difficult to focus on. At least difficult to really focus. But as far as I can tell that’s very normal. All we can do is return to the work over and over and over again each time our mind wanders.

That’s not so hard, but what about returning to the work without judging ourselves for having gotten distracted in the first place? Can we notice our mind has drifted and not say “I can’t focus”, “I’m so bad at this”, “I’ll never get better”, or any other unhelpful thing?

So what are you doing right now? Is it blog-reading time? Or did your mind wander somewhere else again instead of focusing on these words?

Try just deciding what you’re going to do for a certain amount of time. Say “it’s practice time” and then practice. When your mind starts to wander don’t punish yourself, just notice it and return to practice. Then later say “practice time is over” and release yourself from the responsibility of focusing on that one thing.

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