It may seem obvious to some, but practicing is the best (and perhaps only) time to address the problems you have.

“Duh, that’s the whole point of practicing: to get better at something”

Then why do we spend so much time practicing things we can already do? And if we are practicing the things we are already comfortable with then what are we practicing? Is it familiarity? Do we want to be really good at the things we practice? Perhaps, but that’s only part of the story.

Practicing is not a good way to reinforce the story we tell ourselves about how good we are. Practicing is a good way to get better. One of the best ways, actually.

If you make a mistake while practicing, congratulations. You have found today’s work. Today you are going to take steps to address whatever caused that mistake and tomorrow you probably won’t make the same one, at least not as frequently. And if you make the same mistake tomorrow, congratulations. You have found tomorrow’s work too.

That’s your only job. Find things you can’t do, and practice them.



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