4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Dream – Sammy Shelor

  1. Hi Eli – Question for you on this one. In the second half of the 11th measure, do you do thumb-index, thumb-index, and end up hitting that 4th string with your index? Or, do you do thumb-thumb, index-thumb? New to the single string style and would appreciate any advice you have to offer. Thanks for tabbing this man!


    1. In that situation I do thumb-thumb, index-thumb, but it’s kind of a rare case. Generally I like to alternate for single string playing but in this case the double thumb gives extra power and stability to the phrase. There’s also somewhat of an idiomatic precedent for the double thumb on the 4th string, I know J.D. Crowe, Terry Baucom, and many others do it frequently. It just sounds right!


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